Touchup Policy

Touchups are not always required for every tattoo, however fine line is tattooed more gently than traditional designs and sometimes the colour can drop out a little more in some areas. This can change for every person and can also change for different placement on the same person - but ultimately we want your tattoo to be PERFECT so touchups are booked on an “if needed” basis.

We charge at a flat fee of $50 for all touchups (unless a multiple tattoo session requires multiple touchups and then we will confirm this price when you contact us, or if your design was tattooed on hands, fingers, feet, neck or face as these areas would have been discussed prior to tattooing that they are notorious for not holding well and may require ongoing attention).

All touchups are to be prebooked within 12weeks of your initial tattoo date! Any touchups booked after this date may incur and extra fee. But don’t worry - you’ll get a text message 2 weeks after your appointments to remind you to book this if required. We got you boo!


If you have an existing tattoo from Tiny Tatts Co and a refresh (or alteration) is required at any point in the future you may contact Tiny Tatts Co for a quote and some professional guidance as we want it to look FABULOUS and for you to LOVE your ink always!